Innovation management: Scientific teams’ approach

Working tables covered the following topics:

- Additive manufacturing (SLM, SLS, EBM, FDM, LC, SL and hybrid manufacturing)

- Industry 4.0 (Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Services, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence)

- Robotics (collaborative robotics, robotics for machine tool industry)

- Materials (advanced materials, nanomaterials, smart materials, new materials)

- Production processes (value chain for new technologies, supply chain integration, modelling, simulation, digitalized business models)


Representetives from below RTD organisations and innovation support initiatives:

- Fraunhofer IWS

- Centre of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

- Reverse Engineering Lab

- TU Dresden Med

- Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

- BadMat Materials Research Lab

- Rapid Prototyping Lab

- Production Management Group

- Machine Vision Laboratory

- Quality Management Group

- Automation and Robotics Laboratory

- UPEER (Ukrainian Platform for Excellence in Education and Research)



- TRANS3net

- InnoPeer AVM

- Polish Association for Production Management


Participants expressed their experiences with innovation management, exchanged best practices and discussed on challenges connected with innovation management in a research.

Some ideas about new project applications were discussed few mutual research ideas were choosen (Machine Vision Laboratory + Quality management group; Automation and Robotics Laboratory + Production Management Group).



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Innovation management: Strategy for Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Transnational working tables have been organized on Dec 8, 2017 with companies and partners interested in additive manufacturing as follow up of AMMeeting 2017.

The meeting was a follow-up of Nuclei Open Seminar on Additive Manufacturing that was held within Additive Manufacturing Meeting in June 2017. It was a great opportunity for networking and establishing new contacts.

Nuclei Project was presented to wider audience. Also the results surveys collected during Open Seminar and Additive Manufacturing Meeting in June were presented.

During the meeting surveys were provided to participants. Open Innovation, Internet of Things and Services as well as Human-Machine Interface are topics of main interest. Most of responders stated that they are interested in taking part in other activities in projects, especially regional and international seminars.


Attending RTD organisations:

Fraunhofer IWS
Centre of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Reverse Engineering Lab
BadMat Materials Research Lab
Rapid Prototyping Lab
UPEER (Ukrainian Platform for Excellence in Education and Research)
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg





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