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Process Monitoring - from Data Assessment to Visualisation

Cluster Mechatronik & Automation has welcomed 30 participants at Augsburg Technology Center for its first Open Seminar with focus on the analysis of processes and how to make them visible, e.g. through the use of VirtualReality.
Lecturers from Germany, Italy, Austria as well as the Czech Republic gave thrilling insights into the current challenges and possibilities of modern technology in manufacturing processes.
The participants from manufacturing companies and research institutions made good use of the international knowledge transfer and engaged in fruitful conversations discussing new innovation service models on a transnational scale.


Innovation management (Germany): Topics: Human Robot Collaboration, Industry 4.

The working table aimed to benchmark participating companies technology portfolio and innovation management practices in the field of Robotics and Industry 4.0. The three main participants (DATALOGIC, PILZ and GAIOTTO) approach the robotics field in a complementary way, whereby PILZ is specialised in engineering services, DATALOGIC in sensors and optics development, and GAIOTTO in robot integration and manufacturing for specific purposes and fields (ceramics, finishing, etc.). UNIMORE facilitated the discussion providing insight on the latest research trends in artificial intelligence.


9.00 Participants introduction

10.00 Benchmark on companies’ technologies and approaches to Human Robot Collaboration,

13.00 Lunch

14.00 PILZ factory tour

16.00 Discussion on further collaboration possibilities (FOF-02-2018 Call for Proposal)

17.00 End of the meeting


Additive Manufacturing

Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Fraunhofer Project Center CAMT-FPC from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology together with the NUCLEI project team organized Additive Manufacturing Meeting.

There were 140 participants (including representatives of 40 industrial companies), 15 exhibitors and 18 speakers i.e. from Germany and Italy. 28 guests of the event participated also in the special NUCLEI workshop on innovative technologies in industry.

Participants were also provided with information regarding the benefits and goals of the NUCLEI project which seems to have aroused their interest!

28 participants

from research organizations and industrial companies exchanged experiences and discussed their needs and competences

6 thematic fields

Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Open Innovation, Production Processes, Materials and Robotics


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