The creation of a broad and collaborative environment, initially tested by 100 companies from Central European countries, is expected to:

- Increase linkages with innovators beyond regional borders of the project regions

- Accelerate the time-to-market of R&D concepts from EU-funded research and Central European labs to companies

- Increase R&D expenditure and patent applications of mid-term turnover Create thematic focus groups as regional managers

- Collaborate on transnational technology transfer

technology brokerage

24 Open Seminars

technology showcase

foresight & diagnostics of KETs evolution


open innovation

local industries & invited external R&D performers

organized in each NUCLEI cluster

innovation management

10 working tables

knowledge exchange

meetings among companies around common themes

knowledge transformation

recognition of similar useful knowledge and adoption


3 case studies

environmental sustainability

of industrial plant-machineries


internet of things

automation & cross-platform interoperability systems


big data & data security

virtualization & hybrid cloud platforms