The working table: Innovation management (Italy): Topics: Human Robot Collaboration, Industry 4.0 was a continuation of the benchmark among participating companies technology portfolio and innovation management practices in the field of Robotics and Industry 4.0, for which three participants (UNIMORE; PILZ and DATALOGIC) had already met in Ostfildern, Baden-Wurttenberg, on July 23rd 2017. One former participant (GAIOTTO) was not present since they decided not to go on with the action, whereas another company (IMA) was introduced, and through this it became possible to discuss a possible use case for an innovative HRC application in the field of packaging machinery. UNIMORE facilitated the discussion providing insight on the latest research trends in artificial intelligence and object recognition for robotics.

The possibility to submit a proposal for Horizon 2020, in the topic of Human-Robot collaboration, has been further discussed, together with IMA.

Participating companies belonged to two different Central European regions, i.e. Baden-Wurttenberg (PILZ) and Emilia-Romagna (DATALOGIC, IMA).


11.00 Pilz Arrival in Bologna, discussion in Datalogic: wrap-up on previous meeting, further R&D common topics/issues discussed

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Transfer to IMA, IMA presentation and factory tour (problems encountered when implementing HRC on the factory floor, security standards, end users requirements…)

16.00 Discussion on IMA-PILZ-DATALOGIC further collaboration possibilities (FOF-02-2018 Call for Proposal)

18.00 End of the meeting