19/04/2018 - CRIT Srl, Via Confine, 2310, Vignola – Modena (IT)

In the next decades, the transition to Circular Economy will represent a new paradigm for a sustainable and profitable growth, decoupling economic growth from the use of resource consumption.

The seminar will provide the key elements to understand the new industrial paradigm underneath Circular Economy and its potential applications in the context of manufacturing companies.

Firstly, theoretical principles and aims of Circular Economy will be illustrated by highlighting its role in the European agenda for economic development, and underlining its role as a lever for business management (design, servitization, reverse logistics). Emphasis will be given to the interconnections with the Industry 4.0 development plan and related technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing, Big Data & Analytics, Clouds and digital platforms.

Moreover, an approach to Circular Economy based on life cycle analysis (LCA) will be illustrated. The LCA is one of the main tools for the assessment of resource use and process planning, making it a useful tool for the development of Circular Economy strategies.

Practical case studies will be shown, to demonstrate the feasibility of Circular Economy. In conclusion, a brief summary of the contents emerged during the seminar will be offered, focusing attention on the main actions and possible strategies to be adopted during the transition phase towards Circular Economy new paradigm.


IQ Consulting – Marco Perona, Gianmarco Bressanelli

IQ Consulting is a spin-off of the University of Brescia and supports company management in the setting of strategies for the generation of sustainable long-term value, through projects developed in close collaboration with the customer. Thanks to the research activity carried out in collaboration with the RISE (Research and Innovation for Smart Enterprises) Laboratory of the University of Brescia, IQ Consulting has a complete and in-depth knowledge of the industry 4.0 and has developed a dedicated range of services for manufacturing enterprises.

EMC Innovation Lab – Gabriele Matteucci, Daniele Cespi

EMC Innovation Lab offers services in the field of environmental regulations, supporting customers throughout specific Big Data management software tools. The main activities are: consulting for environmental regulations, data validation, environmental authorisations, waste management, by-products and processing wastes recycling, environmental due diligence, eco-efficiency, eco-design, energy saving, sustainability Indexes (e.g. LCA), etc.

Astelav S.r.l. – Riccardo Bertolino

Astelav S.r.l. is one of the leading European companies in the distribution of spare parts for household appliances. Astelav S.r.l. has developed the RIGENERATION project, which proposes innovative aspects related to the Circular Economy through the interception and reconditioning of WEEE.

Climate-KIC – Arianna Cecchi

Climate-KIC is the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) created in 2010 by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology that deals with climate change. It operates through a public-private network of companies, universities and research centers, NGOs and public institutions (over 200) on four priority themes: Urban Transitions, Sustainable Land Use, Sustainable Production Systems, Decision Metrics and Finance, In addition, Climate-KIC works on high-level training programs for students, start-ups and innovators.
Climate-KIC is present in Italy with the Climate-KIC Italy branch, based in Bologna, with around 30 partners.

IRIS Technology Solutions – Georgios Chalkias

IRIS Technology Solutions is an advanced engineering company that specialises in real-time process monitoring, control and optimisation. IRIS develops and deploys: online turnkey solutions based on spectral (NIR) and hyperspectral imaging for foreign body detection and chemical composition analysis; data management software with embedded Artificial Intelligence solutions to provide decision support and automate process optimisation. As an enabler for our monitoring solutions, as well as for wider digital transformation in industry, IRIS developsand deploys Industrial SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) solutions and IT platforms for numerous industry applications. IRIS participates to several EU-funded projects (H2020) focusing on the integration of circular economy and resource efficiency with digital technologies and Industry 4.0 tools and approaches (ProPAT, SHAREBOX, SUPREME and MoniTank projects).

EMC Innovation Lab

Daniele Cecchi


Introduction to Life Cycle Analysis

Astelav S.r.l. and RIGENERATION

Riccardo Bertolino

Circular Economy for the management and reconditioning of WEEE


Marina Kovari


The circular economy at the center of the European agenda for economic development

IRIS Technology Solutions, ES

Georgios Chalkias


Industrial Symbiosis and Circular manufacturing strategies for Industry 4.0