PWR has organized the Working Table "4.0 Tech Meetup" on March 28, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. 

Politechnika Wroc┼éawska (PWR) was organizing a Tech Meet Up in collaboration with 3YOURMIND, the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Heart Warsaw. 

4.0 Tech Meetup was a meeting to build a network of company knowledge and relationships. Believing that the most interesting and noble ideas come to mind during conversations with people, the organizers came up with an idea, by gathered in one place, Professional and enthusiasts of new technologies.

The focus was on Industry 4.0 and new manufacturing technologies like 3D Printing. Some renowned speakers, e.g. from 3D Center, VSHAPER, Evatronix, Elmodis, VIX and Bibus Menos, have been invited to share their experience and knowledge regarding the trends in Industry 4.0.


17.00 Guest registration 

17.30 Opening of the Meetup - NUCLEI and 3YOURMIND

17.40 Pawel Zakrzewski, GE Aviation / EDC 

17.55 Krzysztof Nowak, 3D Center

18.05 Marcin Szymanski, VSHAPER

18.15 Wojciech Sakowski, Evatronix 

18.25 Adam Komarnicki, Elmodis

18.35 Tomasz Weis, Bibus Menos 

18.45 Mariusz Benna, VIX Automation

18.55 Q&A

19.00-22.00 networking session & refreshments