The technological evolution underway is characterized by a shift from "atoms" to "bits". The economic reasons are linked to the lower cost of the bits, both in terms of "storage" and processing and transport. If it is possible to carry out operations on bits instead of atoms, companies choose this path.

Testing and simulating digital models of products is now a consolidated reality.

Today, however, we try to go further.

Some companies, for example, have for some years extended the use of the bit model of their products to their maintenance and control. When the product is sold, it is associated with a bit model that from that moment will be specific to that product, a digital twin, a digital twin.

The product made of atoms, contains a variety of sensors that in almost real time communicate with the digital twin, informing it of the use in progress

To deepen these aspects, the technological transfer and innovation, consortium company for innovation of the Treviso-Belluno, Verona and Venice Rovigo Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with CONSIDI organized the seminar "DIGITAL TWIN: ROAD 4.0 FOR EFFICIENCY OF PROCESSES AND QUALITY OF PRODUCTS


The appointment took place on Tuesday 7 May 2019 in Grisignano di Zocco, at the Considi headquarters.


The seminar was an opportunity to discuss issues related to the digital transformation of companies in a 4.0 perspective such as lean processes and predictive manufacturing, involving experts from the Universities of Padua and Verona. Some practical cases of digital transformation in the company have been presented.

Event program:

15:00 Registration

15:30 Introductory greetings, the challenge of Digital Transformation - Roberto Santolamazza, general manager - t2 technology transfer and innovation

15:40 Lean processes for digital transformation - Gianni Dal Pozzo, managing director - Considi

16:00 Predictive Manufacturing - Alessandro Beghi, full professor at the Department of Information Engineering - University of Padua

16:20 Digital Twin - Franco Fummi, full professor at the Department of Computer Science - University of Verona

16:40 Business case - Maurizio Barp, Kaizen Promotion Office Manager - Manfrotto

17:00 Case study - Diego Tosato, Software engineer and data scientist - Galdi

17:20 Debate and conclusion

17:30 Aperitif and networking

t2i trasferimento tecnologico ed innovazione

Roberto Santolamazza

Roberto Santolamazza, general manager - t2 technology transfer and innovation


Gianni Dal Pozzo

Gianni Dal Pozzo, managing director - Considi