This working table was organized as a webinar to make it more flexible and efficient for the participants without the need to travel to meet in person. This proved to be a very functional solution working well for all participants.

At the beginning of the event in Košice, Viliam Ďuraš and Lubomira Levocka introduced the NUCLEI project and the purpose of pilot actions and working tables in particular to the participants in Slovakia. Then the Austrian partners joined from Linz, the participants on both sides were introduced, and Elmar Paireder presented Mechatronik-Cluster Business Upper Austria and its activities. After the introductions the presentations of the experts Florian Eicher and Thomas Kent Rohrberg followed. They provided valuable and inspiring information on their experience with Industry 4.0 – Maturity Model and Intelligence – From AI Technology to Ready-to-use Applications, respectively. The third originally planned presentation on blockchain technology for industry was not realized due to organizational reasons.

The event fulfilled its objective, i.e. the experts on both sides were able to get in contact and share and exchange their expertise in their fields of Industry 4.0.