Thematic scope of the seminar:

Giovanni Berselli, University of Genova, Department of mechanics, energetics,

management and transportation

Virtual Prototyping Tools and Digital Twins for Industry 4.0:

State-of-the-art Overview and Future Challenges

 tools for integrated design (CAE-centric design VS CAD-centric design)

 co-simulations (case study: eco-design of robotized plants – integration with

state-of-the-art digital manufacturing tools)

 virtual commissioning & virtual training (case study: an automated

manufacturing system)

Karol Kozak, Fraunhofer IWS, Image Processing and Data Management

Process 4.0:

 Is it efficient to start Deep Learning without database infrastructure?

 Do we always need a Deep Learning in industry?

 How to benefit from digital twin in simply data flow strategy?

 How to share digital twin in project consortium?

Przemysław Kazienko, ENGINE - The European Centre for Data Science, Wroclaw

University of Science and Technology

Data Science for Industry 4.0

 AI, data science, big data and machine learning

 6Cs and 4Vs

 data sources and types

 challenges, applications and benefits

 data eco-system for Poland

 what next?

Lucía Díez Robles, ITQ GmbH

Agile education in the era of digitalization

 The technical changes and their influence in the required skills of technicians

 The new challenges to be faced in education

 Novel educational methods for qualification of workers

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