The 3rd Open Seminar of Business Upper Austria within the NUCLEI-project dealed with possible applications of Blockchain-technology in industrial environments.

What are blockchain technologies capable of and what are their benefits for industry? International and national experts gave an insight and showed - on the basis of already existing industrial applications – the great potential of this technology.


The participants used this Open Seminar besides the informational side for networking and experience exchange. There is a possibility to develop further activities.


-              The use of Blockchain-technology in Industry depends on trust and interoperability. This could be reached through standards (eg ISO)

-              Possible application areas are IOT, robots, machines, big dates and information storage

Regarding sustainability of this activity Biz-Up announced a Kick-off-meeting for establishing a Exchange of experience round. This meeting will take place end of January 2019, but will be realised outside of NUCLEI-project.


9.30 am          Short Introduction Working Table & Expectations of Participants 9.45 am          Industry 4.0 – Maturity Model Expert: Florian Eicher, Mechatronics-Cluster 10.30 am        Artifical Intelligence - From AI technology to ready-to-use applications Expert: Thomas Rohrberg, 2012ai 11.15 am        Closing