Tips and Tricks of Additive Manufacturing

In the last decade, Additive Manufacturing (AM) represents the strongest revolutionary technology in manufacturing. This technology provides smart solutions to manufacturing issues that have so far limited the imagination in mechanical design. Design Freedom, lightweight structures and independence from economies of scale are just few of the benefits provided by AM.

However, the adoption of AM requires radical changes in approaching design and production. New concepts and rules should be introduced throughout the whole product life cycle and critical issues should be assessed to maximize its exploitation.

The seminar aims to increase confidence in Additive Manufacturing potential and to face the challenges that still characterized these technologies, such as the creation of a continuous process between the AM process and the subtractive post-process, a secure data transfer and the new materials potential. TNO, PROSTEP and the Engineering Department ā€œEnzo Ferrariā€ will help us to meet these challenges.

1:45 PM Participant Registration

2:00 PM Giulia Broglia, CRIT, Introduction

2:10 PM Edwin van den Eijnden, TNO, ā€œIndustrial AM for functional polymer partsā€

2:50 PM Martin Holland, PROSTEP ā€œIP-Protection and Licensing of 3D-Printed Processes with Blockchain Technologyā€

3:30 PM Coffee Break

3:45 PM University of Modena and Reggio Emilia ā€œNuove proprietĆ  dei materiali per AMā€

4:25 PM Further (Q&A)

5:00 PM End

Industrial internet-of-things (IoT) and supply chain integration

The open seminar “Industrial IOT and supply chain integrationā€, part of the series titled ā€œDigital transformation for a human-centred industry 4.0ā€, is being organized by t2i in Treviso on Thu 23, Nov 2017.Ā  The event presents an acosystem of competencies able to stimulate unconventional business models: from data to sensor, from idea to solution, from prototype to automation.



A key enabler of the digital transformation is the in-depth integration of IT solutions (sensors, data analysis, cloud, …) in the whole production and logistic processes. Manufacturing companies need to merge product customization and efficient production, so industrial Internet-of-Things is a powerful mean to approach a holistic synergy of global supply chains.

Experts from international research orgs and industry players will explain for example how open middleware for prototyping IoT services provide the foundation for interoperable end-to-end testing and proofs of concept (Fraunhofer FOKUS).

The event will also showcase how universities can develop innovative data-driven solutions for automation systems (Dpt of Information Engineering, University of Padova).

The access to an ā€˜ecosystem of competenciesā€™ involving reliable RTD and industrial players let SMEs ramp up impact of IIoT applications and adopt unconventional business models, integrating e.g. new powerful sensors (STMicroelectronics), remote monitoring, analytics and predictive maintenance for machine tools (beanTech) and efficient Manufacturing Operations Management (Reply).


15.00Ā Registration and demo sessions

15.30 Competitive and digital transformation: from strategies to the role of Digital Innovation Hub
Roberto Santolamazza, managing director
t2i technology transfer and innovation

15.45 System Modeling and Control applied to manufacturing processes
Alessandro Beghi, Full Professor of Industrial Automation, Dpt of Information Engineering (DEI)
University of Padova

16.00 An ā€œecosystem of competencesā€ to ride the IoT paradigm: from idea validation to system solution
Luciano Pini, Sales Manager IoT South-Europa and President of Anie Componenti Elettronici
STMicroelectronics NV

16.20 Industria 4.0 in una visione olistica della Supply Chain
Patrizia Cavallo, Business Development Manager Brick Reply
Reply S.p.A.

16.50 Monitoring, analytics and predictive maintenance for machine tools and processes: Breton, a success case
Christian Peloso, Executive Sales Manager B.U. Industry 4.0 & Business Analytics
beanTech S.p.A.

17.10 OpenMTC – oneM2M middleware for prototyping IoT services (intervento in inglese)
Ronald Steinke, Business Unit Software-based Networks (NGNI)
Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute for Open Communication Systems

17.45 Q&A and conclusion

18.15 Networking aperitif and demo sessions

Sustainability and Competiveness: New technologies to provide indicators of economic, environmental and social performances

In close cooperation with various regional companies, CRIT is organising an open seminar on November 16 to discuss the impact as well as potential benefits of new technologies when it comes to corporate social responsibility and competitiveness.

The seminar will approach sustainabiilty integration within companiesā€™ strategy, with particular focus on how Innovation and Key Enabling Technologies can contribute to it. Therefore, both of these assist decision makers monitor in real time operation fluxes and performances, so as to improve the quality of decisions, making competiveness and Corporate Social Responsibility fully compatible.


Digital business models

The 2nd NUCLEI Workshop, organized by Cluster Mechatronik & Automation at New Elements GmbH in Nuremberg, Bavaria, gave occasion to discuss different methods and approaches in digital business models. Digitalization is on the march and is about to form our societies drastically in the years to come. Especially users of digitalized solutions in manufacturing and trade are increasingly affected by this dynamic. Many fear to miss out on this trend and lose their economic basis. While in Germany the focus is set primarily on the technology itself, US companies for example tend to combine the use of new technologies with new potential business models that can be developed in consecuence. Therefore, the topics of Customer Relation Management, Product Design, Innovation and Service Offerings become connected and create new forms of implementation and marketing strategies especially for the middle-sized sector.

Full Professor at UniversitĆ  di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Luigi Enrico Golzio


Digitalisation brings many advantages to rethink and optimize manufacturing processes. Especially when looking at the customers, digital models can provide valuable data for new marketing concepts.

Project manager at Cluster Mechatronik & Automation

Alexander SchƤferling


While the world becomes more and more connected, it is evermore important to observe the international activities and particular approaches of global players when tackling current issues of digitalization.


Human-Machine Interface and adaptive manufacturing






RTD meeting requests


Process Monitoring – from Data Assessment to Visualisation

Cluster Mechatronik & Automation has welcomed 30 participants at Augsburg Technology Center for its first Open Seminar with focus on the analysis of processes and how to make them visible, e.g. through the use of VirtualReality.
Lecturers from Germany, Italy, Austria as well as the Czech Republic gave thrilling insights into the current challenges and possibilities of modern technology in manufacturing processes.
The participants from manufacturing companies and research institutions made good use of the international knowledge transfer and engaged in fruitful conversations discussing new innovation service models on a transnational scale.


Additive Manufacturing

Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Fraunhofer Project Center CAMT-FPC from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology together with the NUCLEI project team organized Additive Manufacturing Meeting.

There were 140 participants (including representatives of 40 industrial companies), 15 exhibitors and 18 speakers i.e. from Germany and Italy. 28 guests of the event participated also in the special NUCLEI workshop on innovative technologies in industry.

Participants were also provided with information regarding the benefits and goals of the NUCLEI project which seems to have aroused their interest!

28 participants

from research organizations and industrial companies exchanged experiences and discussed their needs and competences

6 thematic fields

Additive Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Open Innovation, Production Processes, Materials and Robotics

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