On November 22, 2017 Business Upper Austria - OÖ Wirtschaftsagentur GmbH organises the next open seminar on "Human Machine Interaction - Assistive Robotics" in order to give participants insights into the application of human-machine interactions. Assistive robotics combines man and machine, intelligence and computing power, thinking assets and strength meaningful. Such systems are important for a production of the future. Interested parties from the fields of innovation, production and R&D have the opportunity to get information about the challenges of assistance systems in the production. Visit to the PROFACTOR Technology LAB After the seminar, different demonstrators of research projects will be presented to give you an overview of the future of robotic – the robotic that considers intelligent cooperation with humans. – XRob: easy robot configuration – IGUS: low-cost robots for everyone – Assistme: new user interface for more acceptance of robots – Siam: Augmented Reality for maintenance – addmanu: robot-based inkjet printing on curved surfaces